A warm welcome to you.

My name is Magdalena Stampfer and for me being a medium means being an ambassador of the spirit world, quite literally – I can contact the spirit world and translate its messages into our earthly language.

My work as a medium includes psychic readings, communication with loved ones in spirit, but also giving messages from spirit guides. Another part of my work are so-called soul readings and energy work (trance mediumship).

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True healing happens through emotion.



The classic form of reading.

I love books – not only do I love to read them, sometimes I even write them! So far, two of my books have been published in German. Besides, I am also the publisher and translator of the Christina von Dreien – book series in Polish.


Moving pictures in moving times.

A hobby of mine is my Youtube channel, where you can find videos on topics around the spirit world, energy & mindfulness, but also on detoxification and intestinal health. And sometimes we are just having fun: humor is the best medicine, after all!


Let´s talk.

Welcome to my podcast called Hexenhaus (meaning the witch´s house in German), where I talk about mediumship, spirituality in a down-to-earth way. It is available on different platforms, but you can also go straight to Spotify…



I am a medium.

Most of my clients come to me simply because of a certain problem for which they need guidance – in doing so, you don’t have to know right away what kind of session you prefer. Others, however, would explicitly like to contact a loved one in the spirit world or get a message from their spirit team.



How can I help you?

During an aura or psychic reading I connect with the energy field of the client. Thereby I can detect blockages and determine their causes. After passing on information about the current energetic situation, we work on dissolving these energy blockages. To accomplish this, I not only connect with the energy of the spirit world, which is often described as a healing energy, but also use tools known from kinesiology.

Even if some people do not believe in it: we all have a spirit team (spirit guides) around us who support us from the spirit world. They know the circumstances of our life, but also our life plan, which we have set before our incarnation. From their higher point of view, information and hints are often particularly valuable, especially when we just feel disoriented and have somehow lost the way in our lives.

In an evidential mediumship reading I establish the connection to a deceased person. First I describe the deceased person, i.e. their energy, details from their history, etc., before I transmit the personal message. There is always a reason why our loved ones in spirit want to contact us and it always fits very well with our current life situation or request.

In also offer mediumistic energy work, in the English tradition of trance mediumship sessions (trance or spiritual healing). Trance is the name for an altered state of consciousness, in which the consciousness of the medium makes room for the energy of the spirit world. This energy is often perceived as very healing. It may well be that messages are also transmitted during trance sessions, but the focus is not so much on words, but on the transmission of these wonderful energies.

On request, I also offer spiritual “end-of-life support”. To alleviate or even take away the fear of death is a great concern for me. Death as a taboo subject in our society often makes it particularly difficult for dying people and their relatives to deal with it. A conversation with a medium or even one’s own spirit team or loved ones already in the spirit world can help a great deal here.


Appointments in my practice or online.

My practice is located in Neulengbach (Lower Austria), between Vienna and St. Pölten. Appointments are also possible online via Zoom, but in person sessions remain my priority.

Address: Garnisonstr. 8, 3040 Neulengbach.

How much is a session?

The session price is 120,- Euro (60 minutes), if the appointment lasts longer, 20,- Euro per quarter of an hour.

Cancellation policy.

If you can not or do not want to keep an appointment, that is no problem. Please cancel at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise I will charge a cancellation fee of 40,- Euro.

About me.

An absolutely normal... medium.

My path to mediumship was not particularly romantic. No, I didn’t show any paranormal talents as a child, I didn’t see any ghosts and I couldn’t heal grandma’s arthritis with my hands.

As a kid, I was mostly interested in playing hide-and-seek and proving to the boys in the neighborhood that I could run as fast as them. And when I was a teenager, I was busy padding my pocket money by mowing lawns and washing cars so that I could go out on weekends.

After studying information science, I worked in the Austrian National Library for a few years after a detour into the advertising industry. One day, a reader prophesied to me: “You are a medium!”, which greatly amused me. Yeah, right, a medium. You must be kidding.

Alternative healing methods.

At some point, however, I felt my first spirit contact, but I sent it away right away (I apologized for my lack of hospitality, of course, but it just scared me too much – thanks Hollywood!).

Inspired by many travels and books, I began to follow a different educational path in my late twenties: Kinesiology, family constellations and alternative healing methods inspired me so much that I started my own practice for kinesiology in Vienna in 2011.

The spirit world comes forward.

Because of a dramatic, drastic event in my life I opened myself to the spiritual world; however, I had always imagined something like this to be a little less bumpy. Some years and many courses later I started to work professionally as a medium.

It is a calling and a privilege for me to work with the spirit world to help people in their lives.

Some facts and figures.

  • Year of birth: 1979, star sign: Cancer
  • married, mom of two wonderful children
  • I love: the power of nature and the spirit world, walking barefoot, books, good food and life itself


  • Master of Information Science
  • Certified Kinesiologist (2-year intensive training in Integrative Kinesiology)
  • Amagetik System Coach (family constellation therapy)
  • various additional courses (Dr. Klinghardt, CQM, EDxTM, Touch for Health 1-4, Detox Management, Autism, Spagyric…)
  • Remote Viewing (CRV, ERV)
  • Biophoton Realignment Mirrors / Light Kinesiology with Renzo Celani and Nicole Pechmann
  • Mediumship at Arthur Findlay College with Jackie Wright, Lynn Parker, Sally Barnes, Chris Drew
  • Trance Healing with Jackie Wright
  • Advanced 6-month-mentorship “Evidential Mediumship” (Jackie Wright)
  • Mastering Spiritualist Healing (Andrej Djordjevitch, David Schiesser)

FAQs about mediumship

I realize that the topic of mediumship raises many questions – so I have created a small FAQ post for you, listing the most frequently asked questions.

Our true nature has never been born and never dies;
it is eternal and full of infinite potential.



Allergien revolutionär

In 2019 my first book “Allergien revolutionär” was published in German, one year later it was published in Polish as “Alergie rewolucyjnie”. It´s about the true causes of allergies and about natural, effective remedies, that work in the long term.




Lasst die Kinder in Ruhe

My second book “Lasst die Kinder in Ruhe” (Leave the kids in peace) is about giving our children the  space to grow and become happy human beings – in order to to this as parents, we have to look out our belief systems and our wounds from our own childhood.

Afterlife evidence tells us that the purpose of our earth-lives is this: we are here to learn to love each other completely. Seems simple, doesn’t it? Simple it is, until we try to apply it to our daily lives.


Blog articles.

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