What you need to know before a session.

Preparation prior to a session.

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Important to know.


Most of the points on this list might seem pretty obvious to you – but past experience has taught me that it is not always the case. In order to avoid any misunderstandings and to create the best circumstances for a successful session, please note the following:

Should you be dissatisfied with the course of the session or if you feel uncomfortable and do not want to proceed, you can terminate the appointment (no payment required in this case).

It is best to go into such a session with a positive attitude and an open mind. If you only want one particular piece of information to come through (e.g. a particular phrase or word, or a code) you might miss out on a lot of other valuable information. Every code brings a double or triple message – if we ask a coded question, we get a coded answer. We cannot force anything in communication with spirit, so openness is important.

This is not a game and this kind of work is not being done for entertainment; your intention plays an essential part. The spirit world reacts to our true intentions. What we send out, we receive.

In case of online sessions, please be in an area as free from distractions as possible (no barking dogs, no talking parrots, no music in the background). Also, no other people should be present (unless it was agreed upon in advance), because this alters the energy of the session.


On the day of the session, please do not consume any alcohol or mind-altering substances.

It is important to come to your reading with an open heart and mind, and prepared to be energetically engaged. If you distracted, absent-minded or have a negative attitude, this can create an energetic wall, which can make the connection more difficult.


Contacting loved ones in spirit.


How long one should wait before contacting loved ones after their passing? Souls are often able to communicate almost immediately, however some might need some time to adjust. The way to determine if the timing is right for a reading is based upon your acceptance of the passing and also your ability to handle the emotions that might arise during a session with a medium – if you are still very depressed or in deep grief, you might need to seek assistance from a professional therapist or group counselling first before seeing a medium. A session with a medium can help with your grief, but it doesn´t bring back your loved ones and it doesn´t take away all your grief. Please be honest with yourself – having a mediumistic session before you’ve had time to process the loss can lead to undue expectations. That´s why many mediums recommend a waiting period of 6-12 months after passing.



During this entire process it is really important that you allow me to bring forth the information and not tell me your whole story beforehand. It is enough if you answer with YES, NO, MAYBE or I DON´T KNOW. I ask that you respond to me by validating what I am saying, but not going overboard by telling me too much information.
I might sometimes get a feeling or picture that I don’t understand immediately or can´t “translate” correctly. At that point, I will tell you exactly what I am sensing and ask you if it makes sense to you. In this case, please share your thoughts. Sometimes the meaning will become clear during the session, sometimes afterwards in the following weeks.


During an evidential mediumship session the loved ones in spirit not always show themselves at the age they passed.
If you have lost a child, even an adult child, please be prepared that children most often do not show up alone, but with someone who helped them with the transition and adjustment in the spirit world.
There are many misconceptions about what happens to souls if they decided to take their own life.
If the cause of death was suicide, this can have an impact on the communication; but it is not because your loved one is “stuck between dimensions”, “in limbo” or lost. The spirit world welcomes every soul with utmost care and love. It is just that the session/communication might be more difficult, because of the heavy emotional load.


How many readings with my passed loved one can I have? Mediumship is a wonderful part of healing after loss, but it can not replace the grieving process. Some people choose to book sessions with different mediums several times a year trying to alleviate the pain of grieving. I caution against this, as you need to allow time to pass between sessions and give yourself time for personal growth. The more sittings you have to contact the same person in spirit, the less satisyfing the sittings might become. There is an interesting video from medium Nina Herzberg on this topic (in German).